Astrophotography Projects of 2020

  1. EDM Pop Chains (Adobe Rush, “completely free and royalty free”)
  2. Sympho by Niwel

This is my video montage of astrophotography projects from 2020. With my baby son arriving in February 2020, at times it required tremendous willpower to inflict even less sleep on myself so I could go out and do some astronomy! Together with the permacloud, I managed a couple of nights of astronomy per month on average.

At the start of 2020, I had no idea I would need to become semi proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro. But being a university lecturer during Covid-19, and having to record, edit and craft lecture videos, I gained a new skill that I could turn towards my astrophotography hobby. Artistically, maybe it’s not that great, but in terms of technical skill, it’s all newly acquired! Thanks Covid… I guess.

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